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Android In The Cloud:

A Strategic View

Joel Isaacson
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The Forecast It is evident that computing platforms are currently undergoing a period of upheaval. The wide adoption of mobile platforms, the decline of the previously dominant PC systems, and the recent rise in the use of ChromeOS platforms have been widely reported. It is expected that the enterprise application mix will change over the next few years. There will be a shift from the current Windows mono-culture to a mix of Windows, Android, IOS and HTML5. This change necessitates a strategic reassessment of current capabilities and approaches.
The Problem How to virtualize the over one million Android apps remotely by Cloud? There is much experience in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for Windows but no comparable infrastructure for the Android system. The Android graphics subsystem is graphic intensive with a high frame rate that presents a challenge to provide native performance with low network bandwidth.
The Configuration
The Solution Ascender’s technology enables cost and computer resource-efficient cloud execution of Android apps. With Ascender’s technology, Android apps can be viewed on the client without performance compromise. The technology enables remote access to a large number of the over one million available Android apps.
Other Use Cases Potential applications are numerous: